Flow Charts PowerPoint Presentation


Flow Charts PowerPoint Presentation

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Flow charts are one of the most widely recognized Lean tools around. They are versatile, being useful for standardizing processes, as well as improving them. They are commonly used to document processes, but really shines when doing the process walk and working to improve an operation through kaizen. A Flow Chart makes the waste in an operation leap off the page at you. It also highlights areas when taking good measurements can help improve a process.

This training shows the nuts and bolts of flow charts, dissecting the various components. It also discusses how to create them, when to use flow charts, and different applications for them.

Take a look at a few of our sample slides and see how this trainin material can help you get your team producing Flow Charts more effectively.

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This Flow Charts PowerPoint presentation covers the following topics:

1. What is a flow chart?

2. Benefits of a flow chart

a. Communication

i. Sharing best practices

b. Standardization

c. Identifying measurement points

d. Waste identification

e. Provides a basis for improvement

3. Creating a flow chart

a. Basic components

4. Using a flow chart

a. Daily use

b. Training

c. Documentation

d. Process improvement

5. Tips

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